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Powell River Land Surveying

Polaris Land Surveying is a part of over 50 years of land surveying history in Powell River. The Polaris Land Surveying team in Powell River and their predecessors have been serving the community working with the local residents and many different levels of government local provincial and federal on a variety of projects found within the community.

We’re Are Here And Part of the Community - Land Surveying Services

Polaris Land Surveying is a fully certified company providing land surveying services for any of your projects in Powell River, the upper Sunshine Coast, surrounding islands such as Texada Island, Savary Island, Hernando Island, Desolation Sound and more. No project is too small. We are here and part of the great community of Powell River.

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Are you considering a subdivision of your land? Polaris will not only carry out your subdivision survey in Powell River but can assist with the application work as well.

Building and Bare Land Strata Projects

Strata developments in Powell River? Polaris Land Surveying handles both building or condominium stratas as well as bare land strata projects. Let our team of experts handle preliminary and final strata plans. Polaris will prepare supporting strata documentation including Schedules of Unit Entitlement (Form V)), as well as strata plan amendments and subdivision of strata lands.

Boundary Retracement and Re-Establishment Surveys

Do you need a boundary retracement or re-establishment survey of your land in Powell River? Our Polaris Team will research public and private records of your property, study the documentation related to the property and surrounding properties and evaluate any previous surveys performed in order to arrive at a proper resolution or determination of your property boundaries. Contact our team today for more information.

Topographic and Site Plans

Development projects of all sizes require detailed mapping of the earth’s surfaces and objects. From a backyard garden project to a new subdivision, topographical surveys are essential to effective site planning. Using the most current survey equipment and methodologies with both conventional and aerial techniques, we plot and process data to develop mapping of natural elements and man-made structures. Contact Polaris today for your accurate, reliable topographic survey in Powell River.

Construction Layout Surveys

Effective construction projects are carried out with the use of precise construction surveys. If you’re developing a new project in Powell River or on the Sunshine Coast, allow Polaris to conduct a survey prior to construction. Ensure your new building is located according to requirements. Our construction surveys will outline new building elevations and exact layouts of grid and wall lines relative to its property lines. Using leading edge field equipment and technology, let our team provide your construction layout services with expert precision.

British Columbia Land Surveyors Location Certificates

Building Location Certificates, or Mortgage Certificates, are certified plans showing locations of structures or features often required by banks as part of financing agreements or local authorities for permitting purposes. These certificates outline the lot, the subject existing structure(s) or features, rights-of-way, easements, covenants etc. on the property and may include encroachments on or off the lot. Our team in Powell River will research existing plans to effectively depict property lines, the building and all other structures. After research, Polaris will conduct fieldwork using the most current equipment. Location certificates are typically prepared digitally that can be plotted or printed to scale.

Subdivision Applications

Subdividing land can be a complex process requiring several steps before an application is approved. Land use regulations, costs, requirements and multiple other factors may influence the subdivision approval process. Our team in Powell River has years of experience navigating the subdivision application process. Contact us today for assistance with your subdivision application in BC.

Serving Powell River - Our Commitment to Quality Land Surveying

Reputation and reliability are of the utmost importance in the surveying industry. The Powell River team of Polaris are proud of the 50 years of history here in the community. We are committed to the community and providing professional land surveying services, utilizing state of the art equipment and technology to deliver high-quality surveys in the most efficient manner.

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Polaris Land Surveying brings state of the art equipment and decades of experience to each project. With our dedicated office in Powell River, Polaris aims to respond quickly to your commercial, residential or recreational project needs. Polaris is happy to customize your service, offering anything from topographical surveys for backyard projects to subdivision plans for strata development. For more information about us or to obtain an estimate for your next project, please contact Polaris today.

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