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Gulf Islands Land Surveying

Polaris enjoys a variety of rural surveying within the Southern Gulf Islands. At the heart of our Gulf Island work is Salt Spring Island, where we operate a part-time office. Our presence on Salt Spring is a continuation of the service Wolfe-Milner Land Surveying has provided since the 1940’s. We provide a full suite of day to day survey services, including construction layout, detailed topographic surveys, subdivisions, bare land and building stratas, and development consultation.

In addition to Salt Spring Island, Polaris routinely works on Galiano, Mayne, Saturna and Pender Islands. Our Victoria team takes care of these islands and provides all the same land surveying services as Salt Spring.

We’re In Your Backyard - Gulf Islands Surveying Services

Polaris Land Surveying provides full land surveying services for projects of all sizes on Saltspring and other Gulf Islands. Our mobile crews use state of the art land surveying techniques and technology to serve developers, realtors and property owners throughout the Gulf Islands. No project is too big or too small! If you’re in the Gulf Islands, contact our Salt Spring or Victoria office today for your land surveying needs.


Subdivision plans are a critical component of subdivision development. Plans are the result of thorough surveys, negotiations with approving authorities and consultations with neighbours. With decades of experience, allow our experts at Polaris to assist you in navigating the subdivision plan process. Polaris will carry out subdivision surveys on the Gulf Islands to establish new land parcel boundaries and associated titles. Contact our team today for your next subdivision project.

Building and Bare Land Strata Projects

Constructing a strata development on Salt Spring or the Gulf Islands? Polaris Land Surveying handles both condominium and bare land strata projects. Developers creating a title to more than one unit in a residential or commercial building require a condominium survey under BC’s Strata Property Act. Polaris holds extensive knowledge of statutory and non-statutory municipal planning requirements, as well as the Land Title Office’s current policies governing strata subdivisions. Contact our Salt Spring office and let our team of experts handle preliminary and final strata plans for you.

Boundary Retracement and Re-Establishment Surveys

Are you adding an addition to your house or backyard in the Gulf Islands? Building a fence, landscaping a garden, or constructing a new property entirely? It is important to understand where boundary lines lie. Polaris handles boundary retracement or re-establishment surveys in Salt Spring and the Gulf Islands. Our professionals research property records, study the title of the property and adjoining properties and evaluate previous surveys in order to define a proper description and determine land boundaries. Surveys are electronically filed in the land title office for access by the owner, neighbours and other land surveyors. Contact our Salt Spring team today for more information.

Topographic and Site Plans

If you are assessing land for development on Salt Spring, a topographic survey is critical to informed building planning. Topographic surveys outline both natural elements and man-made structures on your property, providing information on how the land will need to be shaped and identify areas where construction may not be possible. Polaris uses state of the art survey equipment to develop mappings of your lot. Contact us today if you are interested in conducting an accurate, reliable topographic survey.

Construction Layout Surveys

Are you developing a new project on Salt Spring or Gulf Islands land? Precise construction surveys are a critical component of any construction project. Let Polaris ensure your building is located according to requirements prior to construction. Our construction surveys will outline new building elevations and exact layouts of grid and wall lines relative to its property lines. Our team uses modern field equipment and technology to provide your construction layout survey with expert precision. Contact our Salt Spring office today for more information.

British Columbia Land Surveyors Location Certificates

Buying a house on Salt Spring or any of the Gulf Islands? Building Location Certificates, or mortgage certificates, are house location plans often required by banks as part of financing agreements or by the Building Inspection Office as part of a building permit. If your bank or Building Inspector requests a BLC, you will be required to provide a plan outlining the lot, any existing structures and rights-of-way on the property including encroachments on or off the lot. Our team of experts research existing plans to effectively establish property lines and outline structures. Contact our Salt Spring team today for your Location Certificate.

Serving Gulf Islands - Our Commitment to Quality Land Surveying

Polaris is committed to serving Salt Spring and surrounding Gulf Island communities with professionalism and reliability. With decades of land surveying experience, Polaris uses expert knowledge and state of the art equipment and technology to deliver our surveys as efficiently as possible.

Contact Polaris For Your Next Gulf Islands Land Surveying Project

With our dedicated office in Salt Spring, Polaris is available for all your commercial, residential or recreational project needs. Polaris is happy to customize your service, offering anything from topographical surveys for backyard projects to subdivision plans for strata development. For more information about us or to obtain a quote for your next project, please contact Polaris today.

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