Saltspring Land Surveying Project
2006 – 2015

Our involvement with this Saltspring project dates back to before 2000 as Brent was heavily involved in the development of the neighbouring Mt. Tuam bareland strata. When the owner of the Skywater lands contracted us to investigate the feasibility of developing their lands, we were able to use our knowledge of the area and our experience in dealing with approving authorities to find solutions to the many challenges this development presented. In addition to providing development expertise, we also provided many traditional land survey services over the duration of this project. We found solutions to the legal and physical challenges of providing access to the entire site. Many hours were spent on site with the client identifying building locations and refining the lot design. We also worked with a Registered Professional Biologist to map sensitive wetlands, a geotechnical engineer to identify safe building sites and finally we completed a full legal land survey of this 223 hectare site.

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November 26, 2015